Czech Puppy



Human name: Nikol

Age: 25 years

Location: Prague

Breed: Dalmatian

I would like to take part in the competition mainly because I would like to support the growing Puppy play community, which I care about very much, not only in my country. At the moment, my goal is to plan more events in different cities in the Czech Republic and, if the opportunity arises, also abroad. It is very important to me that the events are not only for the existing members, but that newcomers can also participate in the events, who together with us could expand the community with new members and at the same time bring new experiences, thanks to which we could develop further. I know myself that it's not easy to delve into secrets that are not talked about much in public, so I would like to help newcomers in particular with their integration, or with finding different pieces of equipment or toys that are not commonly available. My dream is a community where people can trust and rely on each other. A community where there is no scheming and where everyone feels safe to let their imaginations run wild and try to explore all the secrets and temptations that Puppy play can provide without regret or fear.