Czech Puppy


Rules of Czech Puppy

The Czech Puppy election process and the use of the Czech Puppy title are described in the Rules, which you can read below in the documents on Google Drive. The Rules document describes the permanent points that are valid for all elections and for the entire year of use of the title. The Appendix document then adds the variable parts that apply only to that year - mainly the terms, locations, etc.

By submitting an application, all candidates agree to the Rules. However, it may be useful for everyone to familiarize themselves with the Rules in order to understand the voting process, scoring and evaluation. Our goal is not only to get the most suitable (according to the jury and the audience) candidate elected as the title holder, but also to have the community have the utmost confidence in this holder and their election.

Please understand that for time reasons, the documents are translated into English by an automatic tool and therefore we do not guarantee the quality of the translations. We will be happy to explain any discrepancies caused by that. Candidates are of course working with the original rules in Czech.

Rules of Czech Puppy election and title Appendix of rules for Czech Puppy 2024